'Destiny' DLC Release Date, News & Update: Bungie Brewing New Content? Teases 'The Future Is Bright'

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jul 22, 2016 12:07 AM EDT

It looks like Bungie is brewing something big for the next DLC of "Destiny" on its Bungie Day. The video game company teased the coming of "The Future is Bright," which believed to be "Destiny" future content.

A New 'Destiny' Update

In the Bungie Day, a blurred image was seen on a big screen. The illustration was believed to be a new update for the "Destiny" universe.

However, it is still untimely if Bungie will give new details about the next DLC for "Destiny," but the company teased that "the future is bright."

Bungie, too, added that it is hopeful as always for "Destiny." "All week long, we're plotting and scheming about the things you'll experience on a long enough timeline," it noted.

Bungie even noted that in every presentation it made, it was always excited to reveal it to the community, as per Game Spot.

So, starting from the Bungie Day, it promised to be more transparent to its fans until things get eventually clearer for them to know.

Bungie executive producer Pete Parsons added the excitement more when he held a huge sword and looked like a knight.

Bungie Day

Meanwhile, on July 7, Bungie celebrated its Bungie Day where the game creators unite to connect to each other.

"Your achievements are immortalized. We highlight the amazing things you do. You're invited to score some gear for yourself, and thus join our mission to make the world a better a place," Bungie wrote on their blog.

After the celebration, Bungie goes back to work as a team to plan the future of its games. It is looking forward in giving its players, especially "Destiny," new experiences.

As much as Bungie wants to invite the game aficionados in their event, they might be spoiled of the new surprises that await them.

“Destiny” upcoming DLC, “Rise of Iron,” will be out on Sept. 20 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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