‘Civilization VI’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Pre-Ordering Gamers Get First Crack At 'Aztecs'

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Jul 22, 2016 06:44 AM EDT

“Civilization VI” is the latest game from 2K and Firaxis that promises to offer something different. The most notable of all is perhaps the fact that players will no longer be limited to a single tile and instead challenge players to expand and decide on things to put up.

But along with that includes the dangers that lurk on uncovered areas. Enemies will be around to stand in the way and it will be up to the gamer to come up with an effective way to fend of threats.

Pre-Order Bonus Perk: First crack at “The Aztecs”

While most of the things to expect from the game are shown in a narrative by Sean Bean, there may be more clans to uncover on “Civilization VI”. That includes a new civilization called “Aztecs” which are led by Montezuma 1.

The special civilization will feature an exclusive unit in the “Eagle Warrior” who can turn defeated units into workers, Game Spot reported. This means more workers will be able to help out in the construction of districts.

More to that, other bonuses for this civilization come from luxury resources which can help reinforce military forces, a unique building called “Taichi” and a new wonder in “Huey Teocalli”.

Advanced access limited to pre-ordering customers

While the “Aztecs” look like a pretty interesting civilization to check out, gamers may have to wait a bit to see for themselves what the new civilization holds over other clans on “Civilization VI”. For the ones eager to find out in advance, there is a shortcut, Videogamer reported.

This is through pre-ordering which means customers can get access to the Aztecs when the game launches on Oct. 21. for the PC. For players who want to pass on pre-orders, they will need to wait for an additional 90 days before they can check out what the new civilization has to offer.

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