Xbox Live Latest News & Update: Microsoft Tweaks Service Agreement, Gamertags Retention Hit

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Jul 26, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

Microsoft has added a slight tap on the wrist with some changes to its service agreement. Part of the tweaks touches the Xbox Live user though the requirement is not seen that alarming.

The new service agreement addresses the frequency of Xbox Live gamers. The new service agreement will require users to log on to the service at least once during a five-year period or risk lose access to the gamertag associated to their account.

Making Gamertag available to other users

The move is seen to recycle old gamertags and make them available to other more frequent users. It follows a previous move by Microsoft early this year when they released about one million handles to select Xbox Live Gold members.

Microsoft didn’t bare how the gamertags were selected and recycled. The only explanation they gave was that the handles have been inactive for quite some time.

Light requirement for gamers

The new rule should be easy to handle for the frequent gamers or even the ones who do so occasionally. With regards to the ones who simply want to keep the gamertag for various reasons, the fact is that those handles were made for a reason.

Date of effectivity

The service agreement will take effect on Sept. 15, 2016. Aside from inactivity, Microsoft also added that access will be disabled to certain content. This takes effect if there is reason to believe that accounts have been compromised.

It should be noted that the only thing that would be lost is the gamertag and not the Microsoft account. For users who happen to log back in over the five-period requirement, a new gamertag will be generated.

The latest ploy is the new splurge that Microsoft has done through the years tied up to idle gamertags. The new initiative should help account for a better and smoother process via five-year window.

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