'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Players In Rural Areas Complaining, Niantic Now Working For A New Update, Will It Now Give Fair Number Of Monsters?

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jul 27, 2016 07:15 AM EDT

Fans of "Pokemon Go" in rural areas are now complaining of the unfair spread out of Pokemon monsters in the urban side and countryside. Players are asking Niantic to give balance updates and rewards that will be suitable for every gamer's location.

Players From Rural Areas Complaining

According to The Bitbag, "Pokemon Go" players  see fewer Pokemon spawns, PokeStops and Gyms in rural areas.

"Pokemon Go" users in rural areas are whining that their maps display more Pokemon monsters once they are in the city.

In fact, even if these "Pokemon Go" players walked a number of miles, they are still having a hard time to find Pokemon monsters and landmarks.

Pocket Gamer reported that "Pokemon Go" in urban landscapes only hold ducks, electric mice and butterflies.

The site noted that if Niantic will only put more Pokemon monsters in rural areas like in urban cities, kids and adults "Pokemon Go" players could enjoy the scenery and fresh air of the countryside while hunting.

Unfortunately, the rare "Pokemon Go" monsters, like Growlithe and Lickitung can only be found in big establishments such as Starbucks or in a bus downtown.

"Pokemon Go" users are also explaining that Niantic applies a big part of "Ingress" in the game making it more playable in the cities.

A Balance Update For Rural & Urban Users

Meanwhile, a Reddit user suggested that Niantic should look into these issues and give a balance update in "Pokemon" map.

Niantic ought to give back to "Pokemon Go" players in rural areas by giving them rewards based on the distance that they have walked on.

More items, too, should be given away which depends on the "Pokemon Go" players travel from one PokeStop to another.

With this, "Pokemon Go" players in rural areas will be assured that they won't run out of stuff while hunting from a far away land.

It has been said that Niantic is now working for a new "Pokemon Go" updates. The company should give attention to the complaints of its players to give a fair number of Pokemon monsters in rural and urban areas.

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