'Pokemon Go' Tips, Cheats & Tricks: Use Pokevision At Your Own Risk

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Jul 27, 2016 08:42 AM EDT

The “Pokemon Go” craze continues and servers have been having their shares of heavy loads. The game servers are not limited to the game itself but also the helpful aid of Pokevision servers.

The Pokevision Aid

For those unfamiliar with Pokevision, this is a site that aids “Pokemon Go” players to hunt down “Pokemons”. All a user has to do is key in his location and a Google-map like interface follows to spill nearby Pokemons, BGR reported.

The names pop up complete with the countdown timer which requires players to act fast. In all, Pokevision makes Pokemon hunting a bit easier.

The problem though is that like Pokemon Go servers, Pokevision has had its share of high traffic. This means that they are not exempted from possible outages, meaning players will have to patiently wait before they can manage to be up again.

Create your own Pokemon Go app

With Pokevision have its share of issues, a sensible recourse would be for game addicts to try and come up with an app of their own. A post on Reddit offers a way for players to come up with a program of their own. Alternatively, players can create their own server on Github. Take note though that familiarity on Github programs will be a need.

Risks associated with these third party apps

Pokevision or third party apps are considered to be under the gray area of Niantic’s terms of service. Hence, it is technically a form of cheating which could hold dire consequences.

Niantic may not be clamping down on their use, seeing how the game has kept most busy. But at some point, the game developer may decide to crack the whip and the thought alone is worth considering.

For their part, Pokevision creators have offered to take the servers down if Niantic orders them to do so. While their intent is to compliment the game according to an interview with Tech Insider, the company is still preoccupied addressing server outages.

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