'Pokemon GO' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: YouTube Star PewDiePie's Hack Shows How To Play Without Leaving The House

By V Doctor , Updated Jul 28, 2016 09:42 AM EDT

YouTube sensation PewDiePie recently came up with a "Pokemon Go" hack that allows gamers to play without leaving their home. Considering how a number of "Pokemon Go" gamers have been in trouble for trespassing, the new hack seems to be an effective approach in keeping people safe.

PewDiePie featured a new "Pokemon Go" video where he educates gamers how to capture Pokemon straight from their home computer, instead of having to roam outdoors with their mobile devices. Polygon revealed that the "Pokemon Go" hack requires a drone, duct tape, a smartphone, a plastic bag and a computer program that lets gamers control both their smartphone and drone.

PewDiePie warned that the "Pokemon Go" approach is still untested and may come with a number of consequences, but ultimately said that it is worth a try. In the "Pokemon Go" video, PewDiePie initially said that he is an avid player and is currently at level 25.

Before starting his project, the YouTube star shared that someone already thought of the same method. He slipped his Samsung Galaxy S7 into the plastic bag and on the bottom of the drone with duct tape and sent it out hundreds of feet into the air. He had an advanced computer setup with at least two screens where he can control both the drone, as well as the "Pokemon Go" game to start catching the adorable creatures outdoors.

PewDiePie let the drone fly over a huge field. However, the first "Pokemon Go" trial had to be cancelled because PewDiePie lost control of the devices. He exchanged the Samsung S7 with a Sony smartphone to address screen sensitivity issues. He sent out the second setup over the same area again.

After throwing a "Pokemon Go" bait, a wild Drowzee appeared which he successfully captured. The following scenes showed the YouTube star extremely elated over his recent catch.

ArsTechnica stated that other players, in the meantime, have found other ways to capture "Pokemon Go" characters more easily. Bots have been made to find any nearby Pokemon and simulates an approach to the nearest one by sending spoofed GPS coordinates back to the server at the proper time.

When the bots get close enough to a "Pokemon Go" character, a simple API call will immediately catch it and then proceed to the next target. Apparently, PewDiePie's approach is more exciting, while the use of bots in playing "Pokemon Go" may actually take the fun out of the game.

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