'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Boost Your Level Without Sweat Using 'Pokemon Bots'

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jul 29, 2016 03:20 AM EDT

In a desperate move to increase their level instantly, "Pokemon Go" players are opting to cheat to try to "catch 'em all." Third party developers have been these gamers' best friend to develop a hacking system, like "Pokemon Bots."

'Pokemon Bots'

"Pokemon Bots" is used to make "Pokemon Go" play on its own to boost a player's level with no sweat. The computer program automatically searches and catches Pokemon by tricking the GPS coordinates and the server of the game. To make it work, the player has to give the latitude and longitude of the place, where they want to start looking for the monsters usually found in major cities.

The player, too, has to provide his "Pokemon Go" credentials to verify to the game's servers. From there, "Pokemon Bots" will start looking for Pokemon from the nearby area and grab hold of it using API call. Using this bot, the user doesn't have to walk around to catch a monster, according to The Bitbag.

How Does It Work?

However, using "Pokemon Bot" on "Pokemon Go" disconnects the player to the fun it brings. The only joy it can give to the gamer is its effective way of gaining high level easily. In fact, the user doesn't have to watch what happens; they will only be surprised to see their soaring stage. Instead of seeing the "Pokemon Go" augmented reality screen, "Pokemon Bots" pictures a "running textual" interface to see their growing status and virtual activities, Ars Technica reported.

Hence, this only means that third party developers and any in-game move can do a lot better in going forward in "Pokemon Go" compared to what human can do. This is not the first time that the gamers try to cheat playing the mobile game. But, one must be aware that Niantic is now planning to penalize the users who are caught tricking the GPS server.

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