'Dungeons And Dragons' Latest News & Update: New Modules & Upgrades Are Coming Soon?

By Lady Arianne Apilado Zamora , Updated Jul 30, 2016 09:17 AM EDT

RPG games created in 2006 has either disappeared or lost its gaming population, however, "Dungeons And Dragons" is one of the survivors and is still actually slaying other competitor games.  "Dungeons And Dragons" gets a makeover and an updated version increasing its gaming factor and levelling it up to other popular RPG games in the market.  Loyal players of "Dungeons And Dragons" have minimal to no complaint about the online game, however, the latest update for the RPG game will definitely be a delight for the players.

Engadget reports that the module named "The Lost Mine Of Phandelver" will give online RPG players a firsthand look at the latest tweaks given to "Dungeons And Dragons."  The said module is coined as the fifth set for the game's adventure starter pack.  Roll20 can be considered as an online virtual platform and it just closed the newest licensing deal with the creators of popular RPG game "Dungeons And Dragons."  

There is another online platform that lets players enjoy "Dungeons And Dragons" called Fantasy Grounds.  However, there is a stark difference in the two online platforms given that players who want to experience the latest version must go to Roll20 because its partnership with the said RPG game is the latest and has the most enhanced platform in terms of online gaming and accessibility.

The latest version of "Dungeons And Dragons" found in Roll20 gives players from all over the world a chance to communicate with each other through video chat and sidebar chat.  The "Dungeons And Dragons" module in collaboration with Roll20 is sold for $20 and includes maps, digital game tokens, five default characters and other necessary pieces to take four to six players in the magical world of "The Lost Mine Of Phandelver."  "Dungeons And Dragons" is set to release other modules soon and will reportedly cost more than the first module.

With the new and exciting updates for "Dungeons And Dragons", players will surely find it easier to navigate through the game and will most probably make discovering tips and tricks less complicated. 

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