iPhone 7 Release Date Confirmed; See When You Can Pre-Order Online

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 30, 2016 03:58 AM EDT

September is approaching and Apple fans are eager to know when the iPhone 7 release date and preorder online will be confirmed. Fortunately, for fans who can't wait any longer, the preordering of the iPhone 7 will start on the 9th of September with a release date set on the 16th of September.

If things will go according to the scheduled iPhone 7 release date, we can expect Apple to release a statement or even make a soft launch as early as the 7th of September. Forbes mentioned that in 2015, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus were introduced on September 9, Wednesday.

Pre-orders at the time came on the 12th of September and the new iPhone 6 series were launched on September 25, 2015. Based on the above schedule, the supposed iPhone 7 release date this year will come early.

Currently, the iPhone 7 remains to be called that way, truth is that it is still unknown to this day whether Apple will call the next line as iPhone 7 or go by another monicker. Forbes on the other mentioned that, recent news online suggested; the next iPhone 7 series will however be called iPhone 6SE.

Another reason why the next line of iPhones might not be called iPhone 7 is the fact that the original iPhone will celebrate its 10th year anniversary. And the plans for a complete redesign, something tells; Apple will go for a totally different name.

Meanwhile, out of  the several leaked information about the iPhone 7 design, we can almost count on the full glass casing as one of the key new feature of the device.Asia Nikkei previously reported that Allen Horng, chairman and chief executive of iPhone chassis maker Catcher Technology confirmed the glass casing saying "As far as I know, only one [iPhone] model will adopt glass casing next year." 

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