'No Man's Sky' Latest News, Release Date & Update: Two Reddit Users Leak Title's Gameplay & Problems

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Aug 02, 2016 06:47 AM EDT

Two Reddit users have been spoiling the gameplay of "No Man's Sky" with a live stream. Daymeeuhn and Kengi01 said they were able to secure their copies of the upcoming game although it was not yet released. Of course, awaiting fans are all intrigued with the two gamers' claim about the action-adventure survival title.

Daymeeuhn revealed that he bought "No Man's Sky" in a high price of $1,250 on Ebay. Kengi01, on the other hand, claimed that he got his copy from Walmart. Since then, the two were giving details about "No Man's Sky" plot on other Reddit users and even did live streams, though it were all terminated now, according to The Bitbag.

Reddit has a spoiler thread that tackles everything about "No Man's Sky" ahead of its release. And, Daymeeuhn is one of the users that are deemed to give the most credible spoilers that has the ability to avoid the rules in using spoiler tags. This might be simply because he already has a copy of "No Man's Sky" and gave a glimpse of it on stream.

Meanwhile, aside from spoilers, Daymeeuhn also disclosed that he experienced "No Man's Sky" crashed for a number of times and encountered several bugs. He also boasted that he already reached the center of the galaxy, which is part of "No Man's Sky" big mystery, for about 30 hours. In his revelations about the game, he ditched the high hopes of "No Man's Sky" fans for thinking that the title is near to perfection.

Kotaku reported that a lot of game aficionados are convincing themselves that Daymmeuhn's leaks about "No Man's Sky" are not real. In fact, other Reddit users listed a lot of evidence that he really doesn't hold and playing the actual final version of "No Man's Sky."

Of course, "No Man's Sky" creator, Sean Murray was upset when he learned about the leaks. "We've spent years filling No Man's Sky with surprises. You've spent years waiting. Please don't spoil it for yourself," he tweeted. "No Man's Sky" is set to be released on Aug. 9 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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