‘Pokemon GO’ News & Update: Niantics Removed Jailbreak Detection System; Jailbroken Devices Rush to Download the Game

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 03, 2016 08:17 AM EDT

Apparently, not everyone had the luxury of freely downloading the "Pokemon GO" game after game developer Niantics traced some jailbroken device system. The built in system disallowed any jailbroken device to download the Pokemon GO, but other users seemed to have found other ways to download the game without getting detected.

Now, it looks like Niantics had a change of heart after it recently removed the system detector, allowing jailbroken devices to freely download the Pokemon GO. Fortunately to those who have not tried downloading the game on their jailbroken devices; they can proceed to do so after Niantics launched the update.

According to TheBitBag, unfortunately for those who illegally downloaded the game and successfully installed it on their jailbroken devices, they can either remove the game from their system or risk removing the jailbreak in order to to continue playing with Pokemon GO.

Whether Niantics deliberately removed the codes to prevent jailbroken devices in downloading Pokemon GO, or the update just did so; it's not clear, but what's good about the result is that almost anyone can now play the Pokemon GO. Meanwhile, the move to cancel the jailbreak system detection has been agreeable to many as they found out, many users were able to find a way to download the Pokemon GO despite's Niantics strict rules about jailbroken devices.

Also, no matter how much they tried to put in codes and prevent illegal users from doing so, players have always found a way to get around the restrictions. Meanwhile, Niantics had adhere to fans who requested for refunds after certain cancellations were made due to the use of third party applications.

What do you think of Niantics latest update? Do you think they were right to let go of the jailbreak system detector? Don't miss the latest updates on the Pokemon GO game and get the latest news here on GamenGuide.com

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