'Lost Soul Aside' News and Update: How Bing Yang Created the Final Fantasy XV-Inspired Indie Game

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Aug 03, 2016 09:39 AM EDT

"Lost Soul Aside" has been created based on inspiration from "Final Fantasy XV." The game was praised by people who saw its trailer and they were even more impressed when they learned that the creator of the game is a private individual who did everything by himself.

The game was made from scratch by a Korean man who was identified as Bing Yang. After he uploaded the trailer on You Tube on July 30, the indie game gained lots of attention in a short time. As for the feedback, gamers expressed mixed reactions but Yang mostly got encouraging comments.

Many people are curious about Yang, so on his Twitter, he shared how he thought of creating "Lost Soul Aside." In one of his posts, he wrote, "2 years ago I saw the trailer of FFXV which really amazed me, and I show FFXV to every friend and tell them this is what the game looks now."

According to Yang's manager, the game is still in development for PC and Bing has been using the UE4 in building the game project. The manager further shared that after watching the "Final Fantasy XV" trailer, Bing was so inspired that he decided to create his own version.

"Lost Souls Aside" still has a long way before its completion, in fact, it is still on prototype stage. The developer has yet to code and set up every little thing to make sure they will work. Moreover, he still needs to think of a story and there are still tons of general tasks to attend to.

Finally, Yang updated his followers with good news on Aug. 1. On his Facebook page, he thanked his supporters and relayed that Sony and Epic Games contacted him but did not mention why. He then clarified that although he is not sure if he can get help from them, the call boosted his confidence and will to finish the game.

Check out the Final Fantasy XV-inspired "Lost Soul Aside" game trailer:

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