'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Niantic Will Need To Face Boredom, Bots Issue Soon

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 04, 2016 08:31 AM EDT

Niantic scored big recently but addressing the GPS spoof problems that allowed some gamers to technically cheat their way through the game. Pokevision was the popular casualty though that did not proven players from looking some form of alternative.

Much of that was covered in a previous post, an exploit that has somehow been covered. Hence, gamers now have no other recourse but to actually play the game and hunt down the Pokemon characters in the manner it was supposed to.

Boredom strikes

Proper as the patch for Pokevision may have been, “Pokemon Go” players are now directed in the right way to play the game. The problem is that with the difficulty of catching the characters rising, the interest could fan out a bit.

The best Niantic can do right now is add some color and flavor to the game that can inject new life to the challenges players are facing. Pokemon hunting is neat but game developers will need to come up with something to maintain the hype it currently carries. Enhancements like maybe trading systems or “poke” stops could be an idea.

Setting their foot down on exploits

Bots or spoofers have been the biggest flaw for “Pokemon Go”, Forbes reported. Illegal as they may be, gamers have turned to these “Pokemon Go” Bots (or “PokeBot”) to play the game for them, something that takes the intent of playing it.

With that in mind, the Terms and Conditions set forth by Niantic comes to mind. Illegal uses are a means for banning so the company may want to start upholding that.

There are possibilities such as losing players who cheat but all of that should have done from day one. With millions playing the game, setting an example by cracking a regular slap on the hand could work to Niantic’s advantage. It can also direct the game in the proper way to which it should be played.

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