[WARNING] Do Not Stream Pirated 'No Man's Sky' on Twitch or Risk Getting Your Account Banned

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 08, 2016 08:52 AM EDT

Prior to its launching, the "No Man's Sky" game was on the verge of getting cracked after series pirated and illegally distributed copies lead to the streaming of the the game online. Now, it looks like Twitch is having none of it with its latest warning to subscribers that they ban their accounts if caught illegally streaming "No Man's Sky."

To prove that Twitch is serious about their campaign to suspend accounts, a user by the name MadWindy was given the 24-hour ban after it was proven to have illegally streamed "No Man's Sky" online. The user was sent an email informing him that his archived video of the game has been flagged by Sony and it has breached the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). An accompanying screenshot of the email can be seen on God is a Geek.

"No Man's Sky" is all set for release in North America and Europe on Tuesday and Wednesday, but as the launching nears, it looks like the hype is all flared up. But who can blame the fans when several online retailers also released the copies earlier than expected? Even press copies of the game has not been released, so it's not surprising if the campaign to stop illegal streaming is this extensive.

Meanwhile, Hello Games will be issuing a Day 1 massive patch alongside the launching of "No Man's Sky" primarily to issue enhancements on the game and some fixes on minor bugs. Unfortunately to those who played "No Man's Sky prior to its release, the patch will also include a code that will players start all over, instead of starting where they have left off.

No Man's Sky is scheduled for release on the 9th of August in North America. Are you excited to play "No Man's Sky" in a day or two? Don't miss the latest update on No Man's Sky by reading on GamenGuide.com.

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