‘No Man’s Sky’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Day Of Reckoning Arrives!

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 09, 2016 09:57 AM EDT

The day that a lot of gaming explorers is finally here with Hello Games’ “No Man’s Sky” expected to be unveiled soon. Despite the celebrated spoiler by the leaked copies that came out, any opinions tied up to the promise that Sean Murray had will be witnessed firsthand.

The immediate question now is whether there will be changes tied up to the game. It is believed that there will be a day one patch included, addressing the bugs brought up by the early-bird unofficial buyers of the “No Man’s Sky” game.

The PS4 version will break the ice with the PC version following after three days. Regardless of version, a lot of rowdy gamers are expected to be frantically searching right now on where to buy an authentic copy of the game. With the PS4 version the first to debut (North America), “No Man’s Sky” can be bought via the traditional disc in either standard or limited edition or digitally via PSN.

The PC version offers a lot of alternatives. “No Man’s Sky” can be purchased from Steam, GOG, Humble Store or even direct from the Hello Games website per ‘Kelvets’. Regardless of where games get it, the price will be one and the same at $59.99.

Giving Hello Games some credit

While the outlets are plenty, gamers who may want to help out Hello Games can do so if they purchase the game directly from their website. Doing so gives them 95% of the proceeds with the remaining 5% going to the Humble Widget.

Compared to the 30% that other retailers cut from the purchase price, Hello Games gets about $15 more if bought directly from them. The only catch is that Hello Games does not issue refunds, something that Steam, GOG and Humble Store provides.

Want a freebie?

“No Man’s Sky” is also available via iam8bit though the bonus comes in the form of a toy-style replica of the ship. This could be an ideal alternative particularly for the collectors out there.

“No Man’s Sky” will come out in North America first, followed by Europe (Aug. 10) and then a global release set for Aug. 12.

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