'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Cheater Apps Addressed by Niantic; Tips and Tricks Revealed

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Aug 09, 2016 02:04 PM EDT

As "Pokemon Go" has taken the world by storm, some fans may like the idea of being able to accomplish more from the game a little easier. Some players may have resorted to cheating, in blunt terms, but Niantic seemingly has not done much to contradict it.

The augmented reality game, "Pokemon Go," is considerably Niantic's best work at present, with a massive following all over the globe. For anyone who has an Android or Apple device, an adventurous journey lies ahead in search of their favorite Pokemon; some however, think otherwise.

According to VG247, the simple fact that some Pokemon are harder to find than others, gamers have resorted to using alternative methods to track the creatures they want. One example is the PokeAdvisor application which Niantic recently blocked, alongside PokeVision; another app that aids in tracing a certain creature's location in "Pokemon Go."

It was reported by Parent Herald that though it may no longer be an oddity, there are some apparent locations in which the fans can head to as they search their favored Pokemon. Rationally, "Pokemon Go" users should put into account the element of the creature they are trying to catch, like the rare Bulbasaur that will most likely be found on grassy terrains.

The same principle applies for Lapras and Dratini that are also rares. The aforementioned "Pokemon Go" creatures offer a bigger chance of being found along rivers and bodies of water among others.

Pikachu, the most popular one of all, is most likely to appear in parks or rail stations. Though Pikachu is a fan favorite, the said Pokemon is considerably rare; more so that the"Pokemon Go" creature is the protagonist of the whole series.

"Pokemon Go," despite the measures taken by Niantic, is still prone to hacks and potential cheats. Will Niantic be able to rectify all of these flaws? Keep posted for further details. 

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