New York Comic Con 2012: David Brevik Says Marvel Heroes Will Be Completely Free-to-Play

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 13, 2012 11:26 AM EDT

David Brevik, co-founder of Blizzard North and creator of Diablo and Diablo 2 told The Verge about his latest game - Marvel Heroes which he said was fully "free" MMO, at New York Comic-Con Friday.

Marvel Heroes is a new massively multiplayer action hybrid game from Blizzard that is in the third year of development.

The first MMO got the green signal from Marvel. It will have 23 of Marvel Universe' famous heroes. Each hero will have unique costumes, abilities, and weapons. The game also includes set pieces, and other locations from Marvel comics and films.

"Really, it's totally free. There are micro-transaction shops to buy things that have very little impact on gameplay, but the player won't have to use them to enjoy the game," said Brevik to The Verge.

Players of Marvel Heroes do not have to buy powers to win over their co-players assures Brevik but it is visual customization that fans will be enthusiastic about.

"You're going to be able to not only customize the way he looks, but the way he plays. Say Wolverine is in his X-Force costume and he specializes in a lot of bleeds," he said. "That's who I envision Wolverine to be. That's the kind of game we're trying to create. You play as the hero you want to be."

Brevik strongly believes that players will be ready to pay for the specific customization of their favorite characters.

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