'Final Fantasy 15' Latest News, Release Date & Update: Square Enix Adds New Train Battles, Freebies in Pre-order, Delays Game for November

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Aug 15, 2016 10:12 AM EDT

Square Enix has gotten a lot of "Final Fantasy 15" players excited for the arrival of the highly anticipated game, which pre-order will feature a several cool bonuses. In fact the "Final Fantasy 15 Digital Premium version," which will retail for $84.99, will include console-specific add-ons that gamers will appreciate.

According to Gamespot, for those who play "Final Fantasy 15" on Xbox One will get avatar props such as male and female Noctics costumes and Carbuncle pet prop, while those who play on PlayStation 4 can get their hands on a mini soundtrack of sorts. Another freebie for players of both consoles is the Angler set, which players can go fishing with, the Platinum Leviathan recolor, Camera Kit, and Masamune weapon. Those who play on PlayStation would also get the "Final Fantasy 15 Digital Mini Soundtrack" and the "Final Fantasy 15 - Digital Premium Edition Original Theme."

Gamers who buy the "Final Fantasy" season pass upgrade for $25 will also be given the add-ons stated above. "Final Fantasy 15" is supposed to be arriving this September, but Square Enix has announced that they will delay the release of the game.

According to Kotaku, "Final Fantasy 15" game director Hajime Tabata released a statement expressing how much they wanted to achieve a "level of freedom and realism" like no other, something that would require them to take more time. He also issued an apology for the two-month delay, asking for the fans' understanding because they only want to release the best, finished, and working version of the game.

"Final Fantasy 15" fans are encouraged to see this as a positive thing, an opportunity for Square Enix to correct whatever they need to correct before they release the game into the oftentimes cruel hands of critics and gamers. Of course, it's always better to release a finished game than a half-baked one that would, in the end, receive bad reviews.

Check back for more updates on "Final Fantasy 15" and comment below your thoughts on the delay.

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