‘No Man’s Sky’ Tips and Walkthrough: How To Trade Up For Needed Resources

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 15, 2016 11:02 AM EDT

“No Man’s Sky” is officially out but players can only get some headway if they plot their course for the game. This is not with reference to the places they intend to travel but more on how they can survive and get their ship up and going.

Equally interesting is how they can thrive in the virtual world, meaning the need to save up on money and resources to experience fluid gameplay. In short, starting up could be tricky.

Head on over to the space stations and outposts

The first thing that “No Man’s Sky” players need to do is look for the merchants in the game. They are usually in space stations and/or outposts though there could be some floating around.

While they do offer items you will need for your journey, they will also be interested in some items you may have collected along the way. The prices fluctuate meaning players may have to keep track on how and when to sell items for more gain.

What resources are priced best

With “No Man’s Sky” a pretty big game to cover, resources like plants or rocks are more likely the common things that can be traded. However do remember that with multiple stars in the game, the price of the resources you offer will vary – same with its value. A guide on the list of resources for No Man’s Sky can be found here for your reference.

Hard labor needed

Before venturing out into open space, “No Man’s Sky Players” will have to do their share of hard labor. That includes exploring and trying to survive in the world they end up with and doing different tasks ranging from mining, crafting and so on.

In short, “No Man’s Sky” is not just any game that allows players to get on their spaceship and hop from one planet to the next. It is about realistically earning your keep with the area of specialty largely depending on one’s interest.

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