'Pokemon GO' Windows Phone Release Date, News, & Update: PoGo App Returns To Windows 10!

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 15, 2016 08:20 AM EDT

PoGo is an app which is developed especially for those Windows 10 users. It is made by a company known as ST-Apps so that those gamers who really want to play "Pokemon GO" using their Windows phone can now experience the hype you get in playing "Pokemon GO."

It was recently reported in Game & Guide that PoGo has been released immediately after a petition got thousands signatures. But after the recent update of the game "Pokemon GO," Niantic, which is the developer of the game, broke down the app.

Niantic had adjusted their API in their latest updated that the app PoGo can no longer connect to the game "Pokemon GO." But Kaankehh, the PoGo developer has posted on their GitHub site that they are now developing new and updated PoGo for those gamers.

New Updated PoGo App

And now Kaankehh posted a latest update on their PoGo app development. Finally they had solved all the problems and unknown errors on the app. They also made some new improvements and added more features. They are now currently applying the new API and they are now waiting for the port to C3 to be done.

PoGo App New Features

According to Winbeta, the PoGo app developers had given a list of the changes in their new updated app once it will be released. PoGo app will have a change in their capture page will now and gamers can flick to throw the Pokeball just like in the actual "Pokemon GO."

They also added new styles for their map that is similar to the original "Pokemon GO" app. Androfile page is now added with its achievements.

Details of their caught Pokemons will be in one page where they can also power up, evolve and transfer Pokemons. More Pokemons and Egg inventory is now added where they can incubate eggs. A Google login is also available but they are not yet supporting those 2FA.

Translations are also added and device spoofing where the Windows phone can noow act as an iPhone to prevent bugs. Countless bugs are also fixed and a revamped UI.

The version number of the updated PoGo app will be 1.1.0-rc1. You can visit there GitHub page to know more about the app and be updates with their upcoming release. They also give instructions for installing the app.

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