‘The Division’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: New State Of The Game On August 18? More Details About Esmay Here!

By Bernie Yanson , Updated Aug 15, 2016 08:07 PM EDT

A new DLC was recently released for Tom Clancy's "The Division" to perk up interest towards the game, however, it seemed to have made the opposite effect. Gamers don't need to worry for long since community manager will be hosting a new State of the Game soon.

The 'Underground' DLC

Ever since the "Underground" DLC was released for "The Division," players have been complaining about a lot of things, Gaming Bolt reported. So instead of fixing minor bugs and issues, players experienced spotty loot drops, repetitive level design and overpowered enemies coupled with disappointing gear sets that are not totally exciting.

More disappointing was the recent update for "The Division," the report said. While it allowed all gear sets to drop from the "Underground," still fans aren't interested in the game. "The Division" fail to impress gamers.

To make matters worse, the community manager Hamish Bode was on leave for several weeks so gamers haven't had the chance to address the issues with the right authority. Things will change soon. News just in that Bod will hold a new State of the Game for "The Division" on August 18.

State Of The Game

Yes, community manager Hamish Bode will be hosting a new State of the Game two days from now. However, Bode said that the discussion will be more like a catch-up than anything else. Although he did promise big things for "The Division" in the coming weeks ahead.

"In the coming weeks? Yes," he was quoted saying. "This Thursday though will be more of a catch-up I think."

Meanwhile, the ISAC transmission was released last week. This adds more depth to "The Division." The video will give players their weekly assignment, Gamespresso reported.

The weekly assignment will include killing 10 named Elite Enemies in the Dark Zone. The special reward will be Asher's jacket, which players can wear. Watch the ISAC transmission for "The Division" below.

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