‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Was The Legendary ‘Articuno’ Spotting A Glitch? [VIDEO]

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 16, 2016 11:47 AM EDT

Earlier this month, reports came out that the legendary “Articuno” cropped up courtesy of a couple who allegedly spotted the rare over in Ohio.

The couple claimed that the “Articuno” was ‘gifted’ to them though many were not buying the claim. To back up their claim, a video was even posted on Twitch to back it all up.

As Kotaku notes, the legendaries are supposed to be the ones which are hard to find. The claim of the Ohia couple was reportedly not meant to spur issues though it may have already done just that.

The latest on that is that Niantic has taken away the legendaries and now many are wondering if Niantic is indeed gifting certain players with such.

Articuno causing a stir

While the point of gifting legendaries could be possible, it may be the choice of Pokemon character that has stirred up the controversy. Articuno is a “Pokemon Go” character that is pretty hard to find, a Pokemon that has left many pondering if it truly exists.

Then again, the whole spotting may have been Niantic’s tease that there is an “Articuno” to look forward to and the Ohio couple played along to help out despite their claim of not having an idea why the game developer game them an “Articuno” .

Was it another glitch?

While Niantic has taken away that legendary from the couple, the question now is why it happened? Was it a glitch or was it a cheat? Do the couple have any relatives tied up with Niantic?

It has been over a week since that revelation and perhaps the best thing the couple could have done was keep it under wrap. Then again, no one can blame them from bringing it out in the open. After all, legendary characters on “Pokemon Go” are pretty tough to find!

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