'Boruto Naruto: Next Generation' Air Date, Spoilers, News & Updates: Storyline A Dismay; Cancellation On the Rise?

By Danae Parker , Updated Aug 20, 2016 02:46 AM EDT

Recent news and update regarding the "Naruto" sequel, "Boruto Naruto: Next Generation" is not boding well. Claims have surfaced that the storylines for the anime is not that strong and a possible cancellation is on the rise.

Although there are no clear directives in the possibility of the cancellation, the showrunners and the creator have not rendered any details of the anime segment. The last episode of "Boruto Naruto: Next Generation" was when Boruto was seen cheating by his father.

Sasuke, on the other hand was disturbed reviewing the scroll that they had lately found. However, the storyline bears a resemblance with the "Boruto" movie as well.

"Boruto Naruto: Next Generation" chapter 5 is speculated by viewers that Naruto will look into his son's dishonesty by punishing him in front of the class. There were also speculations that the whole team will be blocked from proceeding with their exam, as ASZ News reported.

On the previous episode of "Boruto Naruto: Next generation", the young shinobis were having their last test for their chunin exams when the seventh Hokage saw Boruto using a forbidden weapon which is Kote. Naruto then decided to disqualify his son and forbid him to go to the next level Vine Report said.

Sasuke was able to gather more details about the scroll on the last season of "Boruto Naruto: Next generation". He then informed Naruto regarding the information and barred the Chunin exam. On the other hand, two unknown men were seen heading to Konoha who were interested with Naruto's power.

"Boruto Naruto: Next Generation" chapter 4 left the viewers hanging. Avid followers of the series are a curious about what the scroll has that made Sasuke really distressed regarding the Chunin exam. Viewers of "Boruto Naruto: Next Generation" also knows the way Naruto reacted about punishing his son for doing a great misconduct.

He achieved the status of being the Seventh Hokage without cheating and did nasty things when he was young, but he never cheated. "Boruto Naruto: Next Generation" chapter 5 is expected to come out this August.

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