'Pokemon Go' Latest, News & Updates: Hints & Tricks to Avoid Getting Banned for Using Bots

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Aug 19, 2016 08:49 AM EDT

Worldwide phenomenon "Pokemon Go" may not be all fun and games anymore after its release. That being said, the need to accomplish the game as quick and as flawlessly as possible may have driven players to take the easier way out.

As technology struts forward, new ways-both the bad and the good-are being used by the gamers to catch all the released creatures for "Pokemon Go." Niantic promised to take measures regarding the matter.

According to Yibada, "Pokemon Go" developer Niantic announced the ban of players that will be caught in the act of using hacks, fake GPS third-party applications and bots. Because of it, some hints and tips started surfacing issued out to aid players in capturing Pokemon smoothly.

To start with, fans must avoid using bots to trace Pokemon. "Pokemon Go" users that try to use bots offer a much larger chance to be tracked by Niantic. As GPS is one way of giving out the movement of a certain "Pokemon Go" player, one choice is to change the GPS setting of a player and be taken down some notches to avoid suspicion. Moving too rapidly can alert Niantic of a location change that seems unlikely for a person to do so by walking.

One more significant way to avoid negative speculation is to battle at gyms. Bots are incapable of battling in "Pokemon Go" and an attempt to take down a gym will impose that a player is in control.

As per Trusted Reviews, a ban appeal page was issued for the players that might have been banned even without violating Niantic's terms of services. Even so, Niantic has kept a watchful eye on people who wish to play "Pokemon Go" with the help of technology.

"Pokemon Go" bots and GPS fixes are still rampant despite the warnings of Niantic. Generally, the company may not be able to halt the gamers from their respective actions, but repercussions await those that will be caught in the act.

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