'Pokemon Go' Latest, News & Updates: Niantic's Ban Affects Cheat-Free Players; Hackers, Third-Party App Users Beware

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Aug 19, 2016 08:52 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" has come to face some interesting challenges as of late; most of which is related to the ban in which many gamers are involved in. After a lot of alleged punishments that were issued all over the globe, some protesters have spoken out on potential flaws that may have emerged due to the action.

Niantic's measures designed to ensure order in "Pokemon Go" may have taken an unnecessary toll recently, especially to the fans that do their best to play straight. As there was the issuance of a ban appeal page, the call for fairness has indeed become loud.

According to International Business Times, a potential bug has risen from the action pursued by Niantic. Given that players who are caught using bots, third-party apps and the like are to be permanently banned, "Pokemon Go" players that engage in the game cleanly reported their accounts on being affected.

Such reports have happened more than once, especially to the players that moved quickly from one place to another in order to catch more Pokemon. As the "Pokemon Go" system may sense that the fans may be moving to multiple places too fast, this could cause the penalty though no cheating was done.

As per Games Radar, fans are officially feeling the after-effect of Niantic's strictness, which makes good sense in terms of preventing further cheating. Sadly, a variety of players such as salesmen, military personnel and standard vacationers have felt the backlash of the "Pokemon Go" banning plague.

For the time being, no alternative solutions were given to these punishments. However, other "Pokemon Go" players managed to find ways to keep their accounts such as setting the GPS differently and taking on gyms leaders.

Niantic has continued to send emails to fans as a means of making them aware of the action and to warn of the potential punishment that could happen once "Pokemon Go" players opt to cheat or use aiding software. How long will "Pokemon Go" keep the guillotine up for the violators?

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