‘Pokemon GO’ Tips & Tricks: Take Over Gyms with these Surefire Tips for Defending and Attacking Gyms in the Neighborhood

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Aug 20, 2016 11:04 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" is about earning XP and leveling up as a trainer. To advance in the game, catching Pokemon is the primary way until level 5. Once this level is achieved, the player can now join the gym battles and winning can make leveling up fast and easy.

At level 1 to 5, players must focus on catching as many pocket monsters as they can because the creatures will be the players' weapons once they are ready for battles in the gym. At level 5, the player can now join any of the three teams - Team Mystic, Team Instinct or Team Valor.

Choose the team wisely since it will be hard to change teams later. It is advisable to go for a team with gyms that are close or stationed within your vicinity.

A "Pokemon Go" Gym is the training and battle ground for Pokemon trainers but those who have not reached level 5 yet will not be able to enter any gym. Players can either defend or take control of a certain gym so your Pocket Monsters must be strong enough to fight, whether defending or taking over.

How to attack and defend the Gyms

Winning through battles in the gyms is important so any player must know exactly what they should do once they enter a fight. The following tips will help you become a "Pokemon Go" Gym master:

Keep in mind that even if you find a Pokemon with really high CPs, you must not get intimidated because you can still win against it by applying the right and good strategies. So, the first tip is to research a bit and list down which creatures are good at attacking. Based on your list, use these Pokemon when you need to fight in the gym.

It is better to go to not-so-busy gyms since you can attack more with less defenders. Likewise, avoiding gyms that are often under attack will give players more chances of winning and taking over a gym.

Be mindful about which Pokemon you send out to fights. The trick is to arrange your creatures according to the number of their CP. Rank them from lowest to highest then when it is time for battles, send those with low combat power first. Using your strongest Pokemon at the start is a bad idea because you will burnout its strength and abilities.

You have a team so carry out an attack together. If the gym is difficult to break through, launching an attack with your teammates will make things a lot easier.

When you are defending a "Pokemon Go" gym, choose a Dragonite, Exeggutor, Lapras, Slowbro or Snorlax as defenders. According to The Silph Road via Reddit, their defense scores are the best plus, their health levels are way better compared to others so they can last longer in battles.

Lastly, refrain from bringing your best defender to the battles. Remember that once you conquered a gym, you must immediately assigned a defender before somebody else beat you to it.

In "Pokemon Go," only the monsters in full health are allowed to be placed as defenders in the gym. Thus, if you will bring them to a fight, they will need time to bring their health levels back up. Take note that waiting for their health to be restored, will give others the chance to steal your gym and your victory.

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