‘No Man’s Sky’ News & Updates: Hello Games Released New Mods; Game Now on PC with New Patch Notes

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Aug 21, 2016 07:12 AM EDT

"No Man's Sky" may still be new in the field of gaming, but barely two weeks since its release, it already created ruckus as gamers aired their dissatisfaction over the new game. There were many critics but there were also game enthusiasts who rejoiced with the coming of this universe-exploration type of gameplay.

The majority of criticisms came from players who think that "No Man's Sky" lack depth despite presenting a really expansive gameplay. The creators of the game heard the complaints and they started working on different mods that will make playing better.

Moreover, as a result of their quick response and hard work, game developers at Hello Games were able to come up with new mods already. These updates are all set for download and players can simply get them via No Man's Sky Mods.

One of the latest mods like the Instagram Filter Remover and Chromatic Aberration + Vignetting + Scan Lines Removal are dedicated to improve the graphics. Other mods such as the ShutUp and Fast Action Mods have been created for smoother and fast way to play "No Man's Sky."

There are still many mods to choose from but some players claimed that not all of the updates work exactly as they were intended to be. Or perhaps, some of the tweaks are not good enough to be called improvements. Regardless, players can pick the mods they want for their gameplay. 

The mods is way for game developers to continue improving "No Man's Sky" until it reaches the point were gamers can get to enjoy playing without much complaints anymore. However, not everyone could be pleased and some would still dislike the game no matter what. For that, game creator Sean Murray said that he understands this and it is totally fine with him. He added that they will just keep on working nonetheless.

Meanwhile, "No Man's Sky" for PC has been released last week and Hello Games already issued its first patch notes via Steam. The fixes have been created based on feedback from players using PC. One more major update is expected for next week and Hello Games hopes to focus on developing new features once they are done with the updates.

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