'Watch Dogs 2' Release Date, News & Updates: Ubisoft Reveals Two Online Multiplayer Mode, Will There Be More New Feature To Be Added [VIDEO]

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 22, 2016 12:09 AM EDT

"Watch Dogs" are set to return for its sequel and this time and it will come along with some new multiplayer features. The official Page of Ubisoft just also released a trailer of "Watch Dogs 2" showing some online multiplayer capabilities and new features.

Watch Dogs 2 New Online Multiplayer Features

According to Polygon, they first revealed that the feature Hacking Invitation PVP mode will return for the game's sequel. The said mode was originally made available for the first game. This mode will have players assign a target opponent. The player will need to find the opponent and download certain amount of data from his device without being detected. In addition, players can also team up to do co-op missions with the same mode in "Watch Dogs 2."

The new online mode feature for "Watch Dogs 2" is the Bounty Hunter. The hunter will be tied to the police heat system of the game and this would cause a crime level and chaos in the game. Once detected by the police, the player will be out of the single player mode and will be chased after by police.

The game mode can also become a PVP mission which brings three additional players if the chaos can open up a bounty hunter reward. The additional players will be tasked to neutralize the target. The player needs to clear the chaos in order to go back to single mode.

Only Two Features Added On Its Release?

 According to iTech Post, it is still not confirmed if there are any other features that will be added on top. The game "Watch Dogs 2" will be released on November 15 and will be available in Playstation4, Xbox One and PC.


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