‘F1 2016’ Latest News, Gameplay & Update: Game Recreates The Exciting World Of Formula One Racing

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Aug 22, 2016 08:22 AM EDT

Finally, the much awaited  "F1 2016" game release date happened a few days ago. Gamers with a preference for the racing genre will now have their fix for high-speed racing from Codemasters recently released title.

'F1 2016' Gameplay - Game Offers New Career Mode

With the recent "F1 2016" game release, players finally get to experience a new mode from Codemasters' latest racing title. In the "F1 2016" career mode, Formula 1 racing aspirants will take on the challenge of how to advance their racing careers in the Formula 1 arena just like how it is done in real life.

To start a new "F1 2016" career mode, players need to choose from the eleven Formula 1 teams. Each team has a different set of long term goals; hence, it is very important to be careful in one's selection of which team to join in, reports Ars Technica.

But, it won't just be a matter of slamming the throttle when race time comes. In the new "F1 2016" game, players need to prove their worth before they can even join the in-game weekly F1 races. Just like how they do it in real life, players are allowed three practice sessions before they can make an attempt to qualify for the race.

'F1 2016' Game Teaches Finer Points In Racing

When the "F1 2016" game released a couple of days ago, racing game enthusiasts were surprised just how realistic and exciting the new title is. In each training session, players face different and exciting challenges that aim to teach them indispensable skills needed to further their racing careers.

For instance, a segment called tire management program challenges "F1 2016" players to finish the course with minimal wear and tear on their cars' tires. To pass this module, players need to find the right mix of throttle control, precise braking as well as smooth cornering skills.

But of course it does not mean that players need to finish the "F1 2016" race at a leisurely pace. A team engineer is timing the time it takes the player to finish the course the whole time. This is a race training after all.

Realistic Car Modelling in the 'F1 2016' Game

Admittedly, the "F1 2016" dev team had a hard time coming up with a realistic physics dynamics for the individual car models available in the game. The main problem was that Codemasters did not have access to the highly-guarded CAD files of the manufacturers for each car.

To solve the problem, the "F1 2016" game dev team made numerous interviews of actual F1 teams to come up with the parameters of how each car needs to behave in the game. After this crucial step is done, the dev team then reviewed previous race videos of the cars to ensure that each nuance is captured transferred into their digital counterpart as closely as possible.

'F1 2016' Release Date

Fortunately, games done have to wait for a "F1 2016" release date. The game launched last August 19, 2016 and is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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