Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Latest News & Update: Patch To Address Battery Life issue

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 22, 2016 12:25 PM EDT

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 owners will be glad to know that the issues surrounding the battery life of their tablets are not tied up to previously speculated hardware problems.

The company has reportedly traced the root problem and all that will eventually be resolved once the patch they are working on is done. The only problem right now is that Microsoft has not announced an actual date on when it would be released.

Prior to the discovery that the real problem tied up to the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was a software problem, some owners were paying a steep price on replacement fees (around $450). With the device technically a new model, this should not be the case.

Will it be worth the wait?

The patch Microsoft is working on for the Surface Pro 3 should be a cost-saver though many are hoping that it comes out at the soonest possible time. Some are worried that their actual battery right now may not hold up and eventually force them to get a new one.

With the inconvenience, it will be interesting if Microsoft comes up with a way to make up for the issue since it looks more than probable that the malfunction will take its toll on the battery. With improper charging that many are forced to do, the supposed battery life for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 could be tainted a bit.

Can Microsoft Surface Pro 3 owners hold on?

With the patch under development, Microsoft advised owners to refrain from asking hardware replacements. The battery draining issue should not force them to pay additional cost and the pressure is up to them to officially roll out the update to resolve the inconvenience.

The whole scenario is turning out to be an ugly situation for both Microsoft and its customers so the company may need to find some way to appease and make up if the battery quality ends up useless.

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