'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Updates: Excellent UI Improvement Proposal Surfaces Online

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 23, 2016 06:49 AM EDT

A UI proposal has been circulated online which originally came from a Reddit user regarding those current UI issues in the game "Pokemon GO."

Featured Concept

This Reddit thread emphasizes those common issues with regards to the UI of the hit game "Pokemon GO." User suggested that the safety feature of the game like those when travelling too fast should have the "do not show again" option like the one we get on PC. Thought he added that these warnings are important, it should not get in the way especially when you are not driving and players should have the capability to stop reminders from popping during their play time.

Map Mode Buttons

According to iTech Post, another design concept that should be done is about the upgrading of the map mode. Buttons have been suggested for the map showing your character walking in the game "Pokemon Go."

Top left shold have a Gym Held button that shows how many gyms are in your hands which would have another UI with your Pokemon assigned in a gym with their current stats. Below that button should have an incubating egg status that will show you your Pokemon eggs UI.Team membership should also be shown together with your "Pokemon GO" avatar picture on the bottom right should also be added.

PokeBall Menu

PokeBall Menu is said to also be added. The Reddit thread also suggests that the game "Pokemon GO" should show a new button called Train when tapped instead of Shop button which is especially designed for those gamers who rarely travel. But it is very likely that you will have level up on this mode as it will take away the essence of the game "Pokemon GO."

These are just some of the suggested features for the game "Pokemon GO." You can still check out the Reddit thread for the full details.

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