Xbox Latest News & Update: Games With Gold September 2016 Includes 'Earthlock: Festival of Magic'; Why We're Excited

By V Doctor , Updated Aug 23, 2016 08:37 AM EDT

Xbox Games With Gold subscribers are particularly excited about the September 2016 list of titles because it includes "Earthlock: Festival of Magic" by Snowcastle Games. The title will officially become available on Sept. 1, 2016. "Earthlock: Festival of Magic" will be the first among four upcoming titles that will be released next month. The other games are set to be unveiled before the end of August. noted that "Earthlock: Festival of Magic" is a turn-based role-playing game (RPG) with Scandinavian origins. Players take on the role of Amon who embarks on a simple quest that later develops into a grand adventure.

Amon will meet allies along the way with the ultimate goal of saving Umbra, a beautiful and mysterious world that suddenly stopped spinning a long time ago. In "Earthlock: Festival of Magic," gamers get to use various strategies to harvest resources, customize the characters' talent tree, engage in combat and create equipment and weapons, among other things.

Kickstarter stated that "Earthlock: Festival of Magic" is a successful crowdfunding project that will soon be playable on Xbox One. It is also available on PlayStation 4, Wii U, Mac and PC. The project garnered over 4,500 backers who pledged $178,000 out of the $150,000 initial goal. The description of "Earthlock: Festival of Magic" stated that players have to rescue Amon's uncle from an ancient cult and discover the secret of the Earthkey.

"Earthlock: Festival of Magic" features a rich, non-linear story, turn-based combat with no active time battle, organic crafting, combat pairs that allows more variations to the battle team, environment puzzles, a beautiful overworld with a retro feel, and constantly visible monsters. Earthlock: Festival of Magic" players get to grow their own ammunition, build and improve their home base, strategize during combat and switching between a male or female protagonist.

While playing "Earthlock: Festival of Magic," Amon will be involved in a conflict between the Suvian Empire and its enemies. As the main character continues in his adventure, players get to uncover the secrets of Umbra's past. There will be plenty of opportunities to immerse in the well-developed world, showcasing excellent graphics and audio. "Earthlock: Festival of Magic" will launch on Xbox Games With Gold on September 1.

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