'Pokemon GO' Latest News & Updates: Which 'Pokemon GO' Team Is Winning? Know Which Team To Choose?

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 23, 2016 11:42 AM EDT

In playing "Pokemon GO," a player aims to reach for a higher level by catching different Pokemon. Reaching higher levels will give you the chance to enter gym battles.

Before "Pokemon GO" players can participate in a gym battle, they first need to reach a certain level to do it. Once the player had reached the Trainer level 5, they first need to choose a team where they want to join to be able to enter gyms and gain experience much easier and faster.

There are three teams in "Pokemon GO" has their own unique description.

Team Valor (Red)

According to IGN, the Team Valor in "Pokemon GO" is lead by the Candela that values training and strength. Candela is said to be researching ways that will enhance the natural power of each Pokemon as she tries to find true strength.

This team mainly focuses on going up against other trainers to level up believing that after going to many battles will enhance your skills more. If battling makes you hype on playing "Pokemon GO" then this team will be good for you.

Team Instinct (Yellow)

Team Instinct in "Pokemon GO" is said to be led by Spark who believes no one will never lose when they just trust their instincts. Spark studies intuition the Pokemon, and thinks that it's related on how the Pokemon are hatched.

According to an article, this team is said to be the underdog among the three teams in "Pokemon GO." But for those players who trust their instincts, they can join Instinct and help defend the team.

Team Mystic (Blue)

The leader of Team Mystic in "Pokemon GO" is Blanche who does a lot of research on the evolution of Pokemon and claims they cannot lose with their utilization of calm analysis. And according to Telegraph, this team hold the most number of gyms found in Europe which means they are the leading team.

The winning team in the game "Pokemon GO" is Team Mystic base on reports but it will also depend on which country you are playing. So if you have not chosen a team yet, hope this article will help.

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