'Fallout Shelter' Latest News & Updates: 'Nuka-World' Characters Added To Game

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Aug 25, 2016 10:44 AM EDT

"Fallout Shelter," the mobile spinoff of the "Fallout" series, got a new update today. On top of some new content to freshen up the game, the update also added characters from the newest "Fallout 4" expansion DLC, the amusement park-themed "Nuka-World."

The new "Fallout Shelter" update, GameSpot reports, mainly added "Nuka-World" NPCs and mascots Bottle and Cappy from the eponymous theme park. You'll have to unlock the mascots by completing more than quite a few new "Nuka-World"-centric quests, however. Once you get them in your Vault, they can be tapped for caps and Nuka-Cola Quantum.

There are also a bunch of other new, non-"Nuka-World"-themed quests available for the game, too. These are just new exploration and combat adventures players can send their Vault dwellers out for, as well as special holiday-themed and specific day quests in order to get more resources. "Fallout Shelter" also now allows players to skip quests for a certain amount of Caps, as with other mobile games.

"Fallout Shelter," developer Bethesda Softworks' first-ever mobile game, has been free for Android, iOS, and PC for a while now, and it's still one of the best-selling mobile games in the market right now, with 50 million downloads and counting as of last June. Apparently, Bethesda will now be in the business of making more mobile games in the future.

"Nuka-World," the upcoming new expansion DLC for "Fallout 4," will be coming for all platforms the game is on next week. It's reported to be the game's biggest expansion yet, bigger in file size than May's DLC, "Far Harbor." The story will be centered on a post-apocalyptic theme park also named "Nuka-World" with different sections controlled by different factions in the game, each with their own quest lines, as well as new weapons and items to collect.

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