‘No Man’s Sky’ Latest News & Update: 18 Quintillion Planets Not Enough As Players Fold

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 26, 2016 08:52 AM EDT

“No Man’s Sky” was an ambitious game hyped by Hello Games whose best moments were perhaps before the game came out in the open.

Unfortunately, the usual issues like bugs and performance issues came into play, the same problems game developers have to deal with. Together with the absence of a goal or story, the said elements may have started taking its toll.

Hello Games did deliver as promised with “No Man’s Sky” which debuted August 9, 2016. This was despite spoilers from certain individuals who somehow got hold of a copy of the game.

Unfortunately, recent statistics have shown that the active players trying out “No Man’s Sky” have dropped. To be more precise, a reported 90% drop after less than two weeks.

The statistics were posted over at Reddit, which shows how 157,000 players dropped to a measly 10,000 just 10 days after was released. Games have been known to suffer the same but certainly not this early. Did Hello Games hype up “No Man’s Sky” that made it too tough to handle?

Why did the players leave?

As mentioned earlier, the player exits could be attributed to a lot of things. The game crashes and the fact that there is no actual goal for players to try and achieve. The only seemingly logical objective is that players would be tasked to explore the whole universe, something that could be infinite.

Tying up both, the journey towards achieving that can only be done if the game runs smoothly. From the first day of launch, a patch was needed to address certain problems on “No Man’s Sky”.

Not all is lost for Hello Games

While the decline in players is disheartening, it doesn’t mean that “No Man’s Sky” is a flop. For now, it may seem that way but Sean Murray and company could pull some strings to get those players back.

One thing that Hello Games may want to hold off is that rumored planned of paid DLC content. Losing 90% is already alarming so scaring off the remaining 10% may just kill the ambitious space exploration game.

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