‘Pokemon GO’ Bug in Gyms Frustrate Players; Trainers Holding Affected Gyms Finding It Helpful Though

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Aug 27, 2016 12:46 PM EDT

Niantic is trying really hard to win back its users with regular updates and adding new features to its game "Pokemon GO." It was recently reported that the game lost 15 million daily active users after Niantic banned third-party apps and deactivated accounts of players who used unfair means to gain advantage over others.

However, players are now reporting a "Pokemon GO" gym bug that is making life difficult for players. Innumerable players reported that they are not being able to find any Pokemon in gyms when viewing them on the map.

Developers at Niantic have been releasing regular updates to fix game issues but it now seems that the updates have also brought with it some bugs and players are frustrated. They are not finding Pokemon in gyms and some of them are relating the new "Pokemon GO" bug with the Grimer bug that freezes phones, reports The Bitbag.

However, the issue may not be actually related to the Grimer bug. Previous issues were solvable by either restarting the app or the phone itself. But these techniques are apparently failing with this new bug. Some players even took the pain of uninstalling the "Pokemon GO" game and re-installing it again without any solution.

The issue has been reported to Niantic and response is awaited. The issue is also not specific to a particular region and users from various parts of the world are reporting the same problem. Ironically, "Pokemon Go" trainers who are currently holding affected gyms are finding the bug very helpful.

This is because they can now claim it for a longer period of time. Since potential challengers cannot find any existing Pokemon in the gym, they will not be able to challenge the current holder.

Those who are facing the problem can do nothing for the time being until Niantic comes up with a solution. Their next update will hopefully fix the problem. More updates and details on "Pokemon Go" are expected soon.

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