'Pokemon GO' Tips & Tricks: Best Alternative Trackers That Won't Get You Banned!

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 28, 2016 04:06 AM EDT

The "Pokemon GO" can be considered as one of the most played mobile game as of the moment. Gamers have been looking for ways just to level up faster and locate all Pokemon possible in their area.

Some gamers think that the tracker in the "Pokemon GO" game is unreliable and they are trying to look for other app and web trackers. But unfortunately, some of those app trackers have been broke down by the Pokemon GO developer, Niantic Labs. And now, gamers are trying to look for more alternative trackers to add on their lists.


PokeFast is an app for the game "Pokemon GO" that is said to be safe from getting banned by Niantic. Your account will be away from getting banned as this app does not use the "Pokemon GO" API. PokeFast do not make any unauthorized requests from Niantic's servers also.

The Pokefast can be downloaded on its official site. You can also follow them on Twitter to get more updates on the app.  


Pokemesh is another "Pokemon GO" tracker app and is considered as one of the best. According to its official Facebook account, their app has been recently updated by that developer with a patch included which secures your account from being banned by Niantic Labs.

But the Pokemesh developer still suggested using a dummy account instead of your main account while using their app in playing "Pokemon GO" for they still cannot guarantee that the Niantic Labs will not get you banned. Although some gamers claim that they are still using the app without getting banned.


According to Mobile & Apps, Skiplagged is a site which was originally a travel website that gives information about cheap hotels and flight price. Now this site has been turned into a Pokemon map to help those "Pokemon GO" gamers. Although Niantic Labs had been banning these kinds of sites, the Skiplagged map is still available.

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