'Tom Clancy's The Division' Latest News & Updates: Ubisoft Flies Players To Sweden To Help Fix Bugs; Is It The End Of The Road?

By V Doctor , Updated Aug 29, 2016 04:59 AM EDT

Ubisoft continues its efforts to address the many bugs that plagued "The Division." Recently, the game developer announced that it will postpone its upcoming expansions to take care of existing issues in "The Division," as well as improve the overall core experience.

PlayStation Lifestyle revealed that Ubisoft plans to send "The Division" players to Sweden to aid the team work on Patch 1.4. Ubisoft stated that bringing certain people from "The Division" community to Massive is one of the main ways for them to improve the experience for all players. They are requesting potential recruits to submit their applications who wishes to be involved in critical workshops and discussions in Malmo, Sweden.

Ubisoft added that potential "The Division" recruits can be any ordinary gamer who wishes to join them at Massive and share their insight. The work at Massive will be from Sept. 7 to 9, 2016. The game developer will handle the flight arrangements, food and accommodations.

Forbes noted that "The Division" has been going through several problems since it launched in March 2016, after players complained about various bags. Ubisoft has been releasing major patches since then, addressing almost every aspect of the game.

Some "The Division" gamers were patient and kind enough to wait for each patch to solve existing issues, as well as present new ones, while others simply returned their order or quit the game entirely. Basically, "The Division" is already taking too long to fix and players are losing hope that it will ever be complete.

"The Division" also has its strong points, such as excellent graphics, an engaging environment and a wide array of gear sets. However, Massive apparently has not yet created a balanced endgame. The new patch is set to launch in October 2016, but there will also be several popular shooter titles releasing by then. Compared to other titles that also had rough starts, "The Division" does not have a long history behind it that would warrant staying power.

 "The Division" may no longer be able to compete once the new shooter games release. It may be better for Ubisoft to rebuild their core systems from the beginning and focus on a sequel. More updates and details on "The Division" are expected soon.

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