‘No Man’s Sky’ Latest News & Update: 2nd Setback, Memory Glitch That Loses Player's Discoveries

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 30, 2016 09:23 AM EDT

"No Man's Sky" is facing another setback after a new glitch was found. The said problem lies on the memory of the game wherein, players apparently lose their discoveries.

In a recent report about the particular "No Man's Sky" glitch, a redditor said "went back to my starting planet and every discovery was wiped." Other comments suggests, all discoveries are overridden.

The "No Man's Sky" glitch as players noticed, only leaves the System name and the Planet's name. Other than that, the discoveries like animals, monuments and plants are all gone.

Now, it's apparent that when you leave a planet, "No Man's Sky" is unable to save all discoveries saved in it. It's a case of corrupted memory as players put it. Some instances wherein they swear they saw more discoveries on a certain planet, they were all lost when they return.

Currently, game developer Hello Games has not given an official statement about the "No Man's Sky" glitch. But one thing is sure, out of the 18 quintillion planets, some of them don't save precious discoveries.

According to the Movie News Guide, Hello Games is scheduled to release new patch for the game soon. The exact date will be announced soon.

Refund Policies on Steam

Steam released a statement saying that the standard Steam policy on refunds also apply on "No Man's Sky." There are no special exceptions, contradicting rumors that they waived their policies on refunds.

Former Sony Director Shahid Kamal Ahmad expressed his thoughts about the refund issue saying "If you're getting a refund after playing a game for 50 hours you're a thief." He implied that the game is not something players brought from the factory. It's a work of art that can't be treated as an ordinary item.

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