'Bioshock Infinite' Remastered News & Updates: Watch The First 14 Minutes of 'Bioshock: The Collection'

By V Doctor , Updated Aug 30, 2016 05:48 AM EDT

2K Games recently launched a new video for its upcoming "BioShock: The Collection," which includes remastered versions of "BioShock," "BioShock 2," and "BioShock Infinite." The "BioShock: The Collection" video lasted 14 minutes of excellent scenes from the beloved first game.

The "BioShock: The Collection" video, titled "Let's Play BioShock," invited gamers to descend into Rapture and join GhostRobo in reliving the initial moments of the hit first-person shooter series. Previously, 2K Games featured the major graphical enhancements that the remastered versions provide compared to the 2007 original series.

GameSpot noted that "BioShock: The Collection" obviously improved the visuals of the 2007 game. The water effects particularly look realistic in the opening sequence. The narrator noted that almost everything in the environment has a special new sheen to it, giving players a higher sense of realism. It is unclear which platform the footage was captured on, but 2K mentioned that all games in "BioShock: The Collection" will run at 1080p and up to 60 FPS.

The "BioShock: The Collection" video focused on the original "BioShock," so it is likely that future videos will present scenes from the next two games, namely "BioShock 2" and "BioShock Infinite." All three games will include all single-player DLC. The "Bioshock: The Collection" will include a video series with commentary from director Ken Levine and lead artist Shawn Robertson.

2K Games stated that "BioShock: The Collection" will showcase the remastered versions of "BioShock" and "BioShock 2" for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. However, "BioShock Infinite" will only have a remastered version for PS4 and Xbox One. The "BioShock: The Collection" still includes the PC version of "BioShock Infinite," although it will only be the standard type, which may look the same as the current one available.

Digital Trends revealed that "BioShock: The Collection" will feature more collectibles, called "Golden Reels" that will unlock episodes of the new "Imagining BioShock" series. "BioShock: The Collection" will launch on Sept. 13, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Although 2K Games is behind the original FPS series, Blind Squirrel Games is behind the entire compilation. More updates and details on "BioShock: The Collection" are expected soon.

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