'Pokemon GO' Latest News & Updates: 4 Reasons That Might Make You Quit The Game

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 30, 2016 02:54 PM EDT

"Pokemon GO" has been the most played mobile game today and all of the players are aiming to catch every Pokemon there is. However, the game has been showing signs that might get players lose interest for the game.

It was earlier reported that huge numbers of "Pokemon GO" players have been quitting everyday signifying players losing interest for the game. Here are some of the reported reasons from Buzz Feed and iTech Post that will eventually make you quit the game.

Game Has A Lot Of Glitch

There are already lot of players who have experienced "Pokemon GO" glitches while playing. The glitches are said to be so bad that you need to restart the game.

These said glitches in the game "Pokemon GO" can change every player's interest in playing. Even those who are die-hard players of the game might start quitting if these glitches will be frequently experienced.

Lack Of Gameplay

Players of the game "Pokemon GO" might soon get tired of this kind of gameplay. All you have to do is walk around, look for Pokestops to collect items, catch Pokemon and evolve them to battle gyms then repeat.

According the The Verge, "Pokemon GO" gameplay is just bland and repetitive. There are already many suggestions online from those "Pokemon GO" players about having an additional gameplay and features to avoid getting to the point of being bored in playing the game.

Players Cannot Enjoy The Game During Winter

Everyone knows how the "Pokemon GO" works. Players of the game should go out and walk around to locate Pokemon. The game was released during the right time with a good weather so it became one of the most played game on mobile.

However, if the Winter season finally arrives, the popularity of the game "Pokemon GO" will surely decline. No one will go outside of their homes and freeze to death just to play the game and look for Pokemon.

Game's Craze Is Slowly Fading

There were reports already that the game "Pokemon GO" is losing a lot of players everyday. Although the game developer Niantic has already some plans on having addition features may seem not enough to keep those players.

Waiting for the game to be available in a certain country and limited Pokemon found in an area can be considered two of the many reasons to the fading of the "Pokemon GO" craze. Niantic should as much as possible avoid following the steps of the game Flappy Bird and FarmVille who were once a popular game.

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