Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Date, News & Update: Instagram Post Controversy May Actually Mean Device is Arriving Soon!

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Aug 31, 2016 09:35 AM EDT

Microsoft recently teased the Microsoft Surface Book 2 via its official Surface Instagram account. This has led fans to anticipate that the Surface Book 2 will be rolled out along with the heavily-anticipated Surface Pro 5.

However, according to Windows blogger Rudy Huyn, the image on Instagram, with the caption "Your key to success," is that of the existing matte silver Surface Book. Digital Trends reported that Huyn compared Microsoft's latest image with the one distributed last year as part of the initial promotional campaign for the first generation Surface Book. So, is Microsoft Surface Book 2 possible?

Huyn noted that the Surface Book team simply took the previous image, rotated and cropped it. He said the two images are identical. Just when Surface Book fans were expecting a grand release of the Microsoft Surface Book 2, all hopes were lost with this revelation. Moreover, the Instagram image caption does not specifically mention Surface Book 2.

However, Windows Central has argued that the newly-released photo does not belong to any of the existing Surface devices. Still, its resemblance to Surface Book cannot be overlooked. Previous rumors had also suggested that the famous hinge in the upcoming Microsoft Surface Book 2 would be updated.

This was believed as the new design of the rumored Microsoft Surface Book 2 was meant to allow the display lie flat on the keyboard sans gaps. The current Book shows a small gap between the display and the keyboard, writes The Bitbag.

Huyn even tweeted Verge and Windows Central saying that the image is the original promo image of the Surface Book. Although Verge quickly released a story with the updated information from Huyn, Windows Central is sticking to its belief that the Instagram image is that of Microsoft Surface Book 2.

However, some rumors are suggesting that the Instagram image is being used internally at Microsoft as part of a "sizzle reel" for the Microsoft Surface Book 2. Moreover, the entire controversy may actually be a good sign. It shows there is still a lot of interest as to the Surface Book 2 and Microsoft teasing fans may mean that the next edition is in the works.

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