'Pokemon GO' Tips & Tricks: Easy Steps On How To Gain 100K XP From Lucky Eggs!

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 31, 2016 11:27 AM EDT

Aside from collecting many Pokemon as possible, another reason why people are playing "Pokemon GO" is that they are aiming to be the best trainer. And these gamers are very much updated on various tips and tricks to achieve these goals, especially on how to level up faster. Here are some few tips on how to boost your XP and get at least 100K XP using these Lucky Eggs in the game "Pokemon GO" base on an article.

Aim To Get More XP

It is very much important to gain more XP in the game "Pokemon GO" in order for you to level up and enjoy privileges on every level you get into. Although you might seem to get a little disappointed on your way up but it will surely give you higher chances to encounter more stronger Pokemons in the way. So if you are aiming to be the best in "Pokemon GO," then it will all be worth it in the end.

Easily Acquire 100K XP From A Lucky Egg

A Reddit user, who is obviously a diehard fan of the game "Pokemon GO" has listed up steps on how to gain more XP on those Lucky Eggs. These steps are just easy to follow that it will not take you too much time to do all of it.

The first thing you need to do is to put most of your "Pokemon GO" creatures that you want to evolve in your Favourite list. Next is you will need to sort these Pokemon by Favourite. You will need to have a strong WiFi or GPS connection. You will then need to throw down your Lucky Egg and evolve your first Pokemon on your sorted list. After evolving you will need to immediately to Force Quit the "Pokemon GO" app. Last step is you will need to reopen the app and repeat the same steps over again until you are done with your last Pokemon on your list.

According to iTech Post, you can evolve at least four Pokemon in just a minute and if done properly, you might get more than just 100K XP from your Lucky Egg. This trick for the game "Pokemon GO" will surely shorten every player's gaming time in evolving Pokemon. Once you have done all the steps and reopened the app, you will see your Pokemon evolved already.

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