'World of Warcraft' News & Updates: Game Centers on Azeroth; Redemption Shown By Game's New Features?

By Danae Parker , Updated Aug 31, 2016 10:24 PM EDT

The movie segment may have failed to reach its mark but the gaming segment of the "World of Warcraft" remains strong and resilient. Although there are negative notions surrounding the game, the recent claims is directing to positive feats of the segment.

There are presumptions that the "World of Warcraft" is not yet ready to let of the reigns. It is even presumed that the segment would dominate and outpace the existing games on the gaming market. In a report from Extreme Tech, the scenario would focus on the valleys and the plains of Azeroth.

However, gamers would face unprecedented changes particularly in the gameplay and setup of the modified game. Many are assuming that the "World of Warcraft" and its game setup along with its hurdles would have a different play at hand. As noted by the same report, Legion together with Blizzard has made some vital upgrades to the game.

For one, redundancies were reduced, eliminated and cut off. Also, the "World of Warcraft" and it functions, controls and features have also been modified to better suit the gamers' needs as well. A report from Eurogamer shared that Legion is now offering new elements for the game. For the most part, the "World of Warcraft" would ensure that the gamers would have better gaming experience in comparison to it predecessors.

Given the strong competition at bay, it is undeniable that the developers would find ways to improve the game play of the "World of Warcraft." For the gamers, playing the game by themselves is one of the best option to determine the strengths and flaws of the game.

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