‘Tekken 7’ Latest News & Update: Release Date, Paid DLC and Bandai Namco’s Plan About the Game

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 01, 2016 07:16 AM EDT

"Tekken 7" is all set to launch on the first quarter of 2017 and here's some of the details every Xbox One, PS4 and PC players should know. Bandai Namco has confirmed the attendance of the game in the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2016 (TGS 2016). "Tekken 7" alongside "Dragon Ball Xenoverse' will have a playable demo during the event.

Apart from playable demos, both games will feature individual, new trailers that will be live streamed during the show. Moreover, "Tekken 7" will also introduce some of its playable characters including Steve Fox, Asuka, Kazuya, Heihachi, Hwoarang, Yoshimitsu, King, Xiaoyu, Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix.

Other reports reveal that Jun Kazama will not be included in the playable characters. "Tekken Tag Tournament 2" featured Kazama, but now, it looks like producer Harada cannot commit to her return. Despite this, Harada can confirm that Kazama did not suffer in the last tournament which, can possibly lead to her return too. The PC version of "Tekken 7" is also offered in 4K.

Meanwhile, producer Katsuhiro Harada also revealed that Bandai Namco is planning on releasing a paid DLC for "Tekken 7." It will serve as support to the title, but that has yet to be confirmed soon. The planned DLCs of "Tekken 7" is in preparation after players play the game and wish to have more, these DLCs are enough to support the game.

Also, rumors suggests that "Tekken 7" will only be available on on Sony's VR device. Despite the unconfirmed news, it comes as a let down for the Oculus and the HTC Vive. The rumor apparently stemmed from the Bandai Namco - Sony Partnership.

"Tekken 7" is scheduled for release on January 2017 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC platform. For more details on "Tekken 7," make sure to check us here on GameNGuide.

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