‘No Man’s Sky’ Latest News & Update: Game Copies Now At 80-Percent Off At Retail Outlet

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 01, 2016 01:04 PM EDT

The nose-dive of “No Man’s Sky” continues with prices of actual game copies now valued at just $12. This is an 80-percent drop from its original SRP of $59.99, largely attributed to a lot of factors.

In a previous post, it was mentioned that some players were demanding for a refund and actually got them. And now the game’s value has diminished with the game seemingly headed to impending demise.

GameSpot has listed “No Man’s Sky” for the said price where folks can even sell their copies for just $13.20. Alternatively, customers who choose to get trade credit will instead get a higher $16.50 as part of the retail store’s trade-in option.

Will the bleeding stop for Hello Games?

The latest round of bad news compounds earlier woes which saw the number of active players drop from 212,620 to a mere 15,700 two weeks after it officially came out, PC Invasion reported. Game bugs and recurring setups on the much publicized 18 quintillion planets have likely contributed to the disappointment of players, seemingly pointed to a bust for Sean Murray and company.

Overshot by hype?

Before “No Man’s Sky” officially came out, there were hardcore players who went as far as to get an unofficial copy of the game at a higher cost (reportedly $1,300). Bugs were already fed back plus the fact that gameplay seemed a bit too easy.

One player who got hold of “No Man’s Sky” before launch was one player named Daymeeuhn who claimed he was able to get to the center of the universe in just 30 hours. But aside from that ease, it was the game performance that was pretty much in question.

When word of that came out, Murray cautioned gamers not to spoil its launch and that there would be a day one patch. But even with that done, it remains that “No Man’s Sky” has bombed with the players as the interest slowly dies down alongside the player count.

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