‘Pokemon Go’ Latest Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Codes Breakers Raise Expectations for Legendary and Trading Wishlist

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 02, 2016 08:52 AM EDT

Niantic Labs is under close watch as gamers eagerly await the major changes set for “Pokemon Go” Gen 2. Big changes are expected once it rolls out this month and much of that is headlined by players wishing to get more details on Legendary critters and a possible trading feature.

In a previous post, much of this was mentioned. And the latest seems to rely heavily on the codes that were spotted. There were five inactivated codes discovered which could append the previous features released last month – Pokemon Appraisal and critters returning with at least 1 HP from battle.

While most welcomed the changes, the fact is “Pokemon Go” players were looking for something more with meat. And if the codes are to be believed, that could come in the form of ‘trading’ and ‘activating legendary’ lines which were spotted.

Trading Online soon

For Pokemon fans, trading is a familiar practice in the card game. If it does come included with the “Pokemon Go” update, players could see a system aiding them deal with other players that could help them manage their inventory better.

That includes dealing away excess Pokemon or items that may be irrelevant. All that remains up in the air for now but an improved system that follows such will certainly be a welcome enhancement.

Legendary Sightings

Aside from that, there is the debate on the Legendary. Are they out or about to come out? Some are contemplating on the idea that there is actually none despite claims from certain users that they had spotted Articuno.

All that depends of course on the level of a “Pokemon Go” player so suggesting that angle of the rares not around is feasible. Apparently, Niantic is under the impression that players need to level up to see them though some have done so the unfair way.

These and more features are expected which can hopefully improve on what Niantic has done so far with “Pokemon Go." Watch out for the Gen 2 update expected to roll out soon.

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