'World Of Warcraft: Legion' Latest News: New Expansion Features Suramar City, Artifact Weapons

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Sep 03, 2016 08:46 AM EDT

Blizzard Entertainment recently released the sixth expansion for "World of Warcraft" called "Legion," and it promises some awesome new worlds to explore. Of course, exploration and battle wouldn't be fun without gear, so there's some awesome artifact weapons to check out as well.

VG24/7 reports that gamers who already have "World of Warcraft: Legion" should definitely check out Suramar, a city that lies in the middle of the Broken Isles. What's interesting about Suramar City is that gamers are required to reach the max level before they gain access to the new zone, where the warlock Gul’dan resides.

"World of Warcraft: Legion"'s Suramar City is considered a "hostile adventure area" where gamers will be able to experience becoming a Nightborne and complete quests from Nightborne characters. Of course, gamers will need to utilize disguise mechanic lest they want to be uncovered and be attacked by the enemies.

In addition, "World of Warcraft: Legion"'s Suramar City also features the underground halls of Falanaar, where gamers can explore its 10,000-year old structures. Watch out for World Boss though, as it'll be tricky to get past him.

Meanwhile, gamers who will explore the new arenas of "World of Warcraft: Legion" will also be equipped with new artifact weapons, as per PC Gamer. Contrary to past iterations of the game, each class now has their own artifact weapon which strength will increase as the player gets better as well.

Mike Fahey from Kotaku outlines the different artifact weapons found in the new "World of Warcraft: Legion," including Thrall's Doomhammer, the Scythe of Elune, the rifle Titanstrike, and Claws of Ursoc, among others. Check out his full discussion here.

"World of Warcraft" was released in 2004, with its latest expansion, "Legion" released last August 30. The Blizzard game is available for PC and OS X. For more information, visit worldofwarcraft.com.

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