'GTA 6' Latest News & Updates: Manila Map Tops London For The Upcoming Game?

By Anne Caballo , Updated Sep 04, 2016 03:07 PM EDT

The most excited about this waiting game with the upcoming "GTA 6" is the map that will be used by Rockstar for its newest game. There are a lot of rumors already going that the game "GTA 6" will happen outside the US area and this will be the first non-American map.

Some fans are more than happy on how the Rockstar continue in exploring maps for the US area but others think that it will also be cool to have an overseas map in the future. If the company Rockstar will listen to its fans, this will the first non-American map for the game "GTA 6" and now, "GTA 6" Manila map is competing with the rumoured London map.

As of now, the "GTA 6" London map has the strongest lead than the other map proposals like Moscow and Rio de Janiero. According to GTA 5 Cheats, taking the "GTA 6" to Manila was given an A+, which is a very decent grade. The "GTA 6" with a Manila map will give the company Rockstar the chance to make a stunning GTA iteration.

The site, "GTA 5" Cheats had also suggested taking the multiple main characters in the "GTA 5" and just goes back to the two person lead role for "GTA 6." They also added that Rockstar can make one of the lead roles in "GTA 6" to be vigilante and the other could be a criminal syndicate.

According to Parent Herald, having a protagonist in "GTA 6" to play as a drug dealer in the Philippines can cause a public protest against the game. However, it is said that maintaining a dual lead approach for the game "GTA 6" in Manila could be a big hit

The "GTA 5" Cheats suggest exploring first the geographical potential of the city and also the crime profile that is available in the "GTA 6" Manila map to appreciate the game's franchise in the Asia. There were also reports made before that Rockstar explored Tokyo for its game but was discourage due to the road system of the country.

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