‘Clash Royale’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Major Changes On Legendary Arena Coming

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 05, 2016 06:35 AM EDT

Like most games, “Clash Royale” could do well to implement some changes on its end. One aspect of the mobile game that Supercell could look into maybe the Legendary Arena which some players have been complaining about.

Through the Reddit forums, some “Clash Royale” gamers have aired their frustration on the arena which seems to more of a burden when played. With an update expected to touch on how players can target legendary ranks could be a good idea with some tweaks.

Epic Drops Improvements

“Handsome_claptrap” did make an interesting suggestion, something that involved making epic cards as a guaranteed drop from the crown chests at level 9. He reasons that this could make the game better playable and also better to upgrade.

A lot of “Clash Royale” players seem to have agreed with his suggestion, believing that this could help spur goals for players to eye legendary ranking. There were others who were against it, believing this would further split both avid gamers from the advanced and the newbies.

Hard Grind

In any game, making it to the top and being among the elite (or Legendary in this case) is something that players will have to work for. Depending on one’s stand, the suggestions of “Handsome_claptrap” could be reasonable and not.

It all depends on how familiar players are with “Clash Royale” and how they were able to achieve their status. Hence, Supercell may be left with a big task of properly evaluating changes – assuming that they are on the verge of releasing one.

Whatever they decide, they need to do one that will be a win-win situation for everyone. This will be a hard thing to achieve but pleasing everyone is never an easy task.

“Clash Royale” is likely to have an update somewhere down the line. The question now is what do they change and what they should not.

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